Dvi To Vga 24+5 -GP-10306

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  • DVI-D Male (24+5 pin) to VGA HD 15 Female Adaptor Converts
  • Converts a DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector making it the perfect solution for connecting your DVI-I desktop or laptop computer to a VGA monitor or projector.
  • Connect your VGA Display to a DVI-I source.
  • Molded Connector with thumbscrews. Supports hot plugging of DVI display devices.
  • Performance-high speed digital data transmission delivers the signal faster and stronger.

  • Multybyte DVI TO VGA 24+5 DVI-I 24+5pin Male to VGA Female Adaptor Converter for VGA Computer Monitor LCD HDTV Connect a VGA Monitor to a DVI-I port 100% brand new with high quality Gold plated contacts for better signal transfer HD 15 pin Female VGA connector on one end and 29 pin DVI-I male connector on the other end.Thumb screws for easy installation Use this DVI to VGA Converter to connect computers with DVI connectors to normal VGA monitors or LCD monitors or projectors with VGA input. The converter provides a way to convert the connector type from DVI-I to VGA so that VGA display devices can be connected to your computer.Make your existing DVI-I devices 100% compatible with VGA monitors.This Adaptor provides people who want to use the dual monitors for their working/gaming environment If your video card have a dual display capability simply attach the Adaptor to the DVI connector from your video card and convert it to VGA connector for setting up dual monitors / projectors Connect any VGA monitor with HD15 male connector to any computer with DVI-I port (24+5pin - 3x 8 rows and 1 flat pin + 4 pins) Gold plated contacts to deliver optimum signal transfer conductivity and durability Package included: 1 x DVI-I 24+5 male to 15 Pin F VGA Adaptor.

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