Multybyte Rj-45 Cat-5 Connector (Pack Of 100Pcs) -MB-RJ01

MRP: ₹ 299.00 Price: ₹ 299.00 (Excl. GST)


  • Its RJ 45 connector pack of 100
  • RJ45 Connector Unshielded Plug CAT5 CAT 6 RJ-45 Lan Connector
  • Clear plastic housing with gold-plated contacts for fast and accurate data transmission.
  • Long lasting flexible lock pins which allow for more Plug-Unplug cycles.
  • Cable insert and high strength strain relief boot for added durability.
  • Ideal for Multi-Strand wires for making network patch cables.
  • Operating temperature: -40*c to 80*c
  • Suitable for stranded conductors

  • Multybyte RJ-45 Connector. RJ45 module plugs facilitate high-speed connectivity and data transmission. These are designed to give you uninterrupted high-quality connectivity with their high-performance contacts. Plus, the superior clear plastic housing not only looks neat but also provide you with a clear view of the internal wiring.The gold plated leads result in better data transmission and higher signal strength. Crafted with precision, these Cat5e cables to phone jack plugs make for amazing connectors.RJ45 module plugs has been specially designed for stranded wire cables. These connectors, you can put the finishing touches on your network installation and get those ideal connections and terminations.

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