Digital Basic Multimeter -GP-10310

Size: 200V
MRP: ₹ 399.00 Price: ₹ 160.00 (Excl. GST)


  • Voltage Tester: A safe and accurate voltage and current tester for troubleshooting electrical problems in automotive and household settings. Check for battery quality, automotive circuits, and charging systems.
  • Large Display: Includes large, easy-to-read LCD screen that measures 3-1/2 digits and accurately measures resistance, current and voltage with maximum reading up to 1999.
  • Test Leads: Red and black leads to test electrical system components including diodes, transistors, wires, fuses, and battery testing on electrical equipment.
  • Meter Tester: A portable, general purpose digital volt meter multimeter to test wires, batteries, cells, fuses and other electrical components.
  • Ensure Safety: Built-in overload protector keeps the meter from any possible damage, Checks continuity of wires, fuses, and electrical components. Overload indicator and low battery indicator.
Category: Tools

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  • When testing the current more than 200ma, connect the red test lead to oadc jack and black test lead to com jack
  • When testing the temperature, connect the temperature probe to v 0 ma jack or com jack. Please refer to the attached instruction manual for the operating instructions.
  • When testing dc voltage, ac voltage, dc current, resistance, diode, buzzer and battery, connect the red test lead to v 0 ma jack and black test lead to com jack
  • If you have basic knowledge about multimeters you can try this small multimeter for basic continuity checks and voltage measurements

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