Multybyte Laptop Adaptor 18.5V - 3.5Amp (Hp) Y.Tip (65W) -MB-AL01

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  • Multybyte Laptop Adaptor 18.5V - 3.5AMP (HP) Y.TIP (65W),Power input 100-240V - 1.2a 50/60hz, Jack Diameter-Outer Dia-7.4mm,Inner Dia=5.0mm
  • Compatible With: 1. Pavilion : ze 5000 Series, z 13000 Series, dv1000, dv 1300-1399, dv 1600-1699, ze 2000-2099, dv 4000, dv 4200-dv 4299, ze 2200, dv 5000, tx 1000, dv 2000 2. 2500, V4000, V4200-V4299 M2200, V2000,B2800, V3000, V6000, B1900, C300, F500, C500, V3000, B1800, nx 4300
  • HP G5000, Armada 100 nc8000 nc4200 nw8000 nc4000 nx4800 nx5100 nc6000 nx7000 DV2000 V2500 V4000 DV1000 DV4000 DV5000 Evo N800 DV2000 V2500 V4000 DV1000 DV4000 DV5000 DV6000 DV8000 ZE2000 ZE4900 ZT3000.
  • One Year National Warranty By Multybyte

  • Multybyte Laptop Adaptor for HP 18.5V - 3.5AMP BLUE TIP (65W),A laptop Adaptor is crucial for the smooth use of the device, as it enables you to charge your laptop batteries with ease. Each brand and model has a specific laptop power Adaptor that is compatible with it. Thus it is important to know your laptop model well before you purchase a replacement Adaptor for it. Proper voltage, watts and amperage of your laptop model are some essentials that you need to keep in mind.Lapcare brings you one the finest and largest range of laptop Adaptors.
  • Compatible with different brands and models, these Adaptors come with a warranty of 12 months. Apart from this it also comes with a unique Multybyte protection plan which insures your connected equipment to the Adaptor.

3 review for Multybyte Laptop Adaptor 18.5V - 3.5Amp (Hp) Y.Tip (65W)


Good product

RAJESH RAUSHAN - 05/04/2022 12:09:00

This is very nice and working fine.

PRASHANT GAIKWAD - 22/02/2023 13:28:50

Working very well

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