Pigtails Scapc L1 (Pack Of 12) -ASPT001-L1

MRP: ₹ 720.00 Price: ₹ 720.00 (Excl. GST)


  • Fiber 12 Strands Pigtail Fiber Type Singlemode; Connectors SC/APC; 12 strands color coded. Strict factory testing ensures good repeatability and high stability.\n
  • Ceramic Ferrule:-This fiber optic pigtail adopts high quality ceramic ferrule, with better coaxiality and size precision, better product quality.\n
  • 12 Color Mark:-Plug and play, with strong compatibility. 12 Strands Cable Individually color coded, Saves time and prevents incorrect patching with color-coded pigtails\n
  • This fiber optic pigtail is widely used in optical fiber LAN, optical fiber communication system, instruments, network CATV.\n

  • This fiber optic pigtail adopted 12 strand design, better durability. It has low insertion loss, high return loss, good temperature stability.

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