Mouse Pad Comfort -GP-10075

MRP: ₹ 199.00 Price: ₹ 13.65 (Excl. GST)


  • Good Quality
  • High Quality Mouse Pads
  • Long Life
  • Good for Latest Mouse
  • Works with Wireless Mouse Too
  • Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad Soft And Smooth Surface.
  • On One End, You Will Get To See A Small Cushion Pad Which Allows You To Rest Your Wrist On It In A Comfortable Position

  • Product Description Does your wrist pain while handling the computer mouse when you are working on the desktop. We have brought a variety of mouse pad collections, that will give you many options to choose from. You can pick up the most suitable mouse pad for yourself and get it.You Can Comfortably Rest Your Wrist On This Cushion And Continue To Work For Long Hours.Made of environmental material to ensure safety.

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