Multitec Wire Stripper and Cutter -150B

Size: (Box Of 10 Pcs)
MRP: ₹ 99.00 Price: ₹ 75.00 (Excl. GST)


  • Multitec 2 in 1 wire Stripper and cutter strips wires and cables accurately and cleanly on both solid core and stranded wires from 14-24AWG(0.5mm2-6mm2)
  • New improved Engineering Re-enforeced Plastic material makes stripping wires and cables easier and faster than traditional strippers.\n
  • Suitable for use in tight and narrow space with stripping cable length capacity upto 20mm
Category: Tools

  • New Enhanced model. More Compressive Strength and Light weight. Self-adjustive and no damage to inner core Best suitable for for electronic, aviation automobile & day to day maintenance of electrical wires & cables.

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