Battery Maxwell 2032 -GP-10009

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  • Used in CMOS battery
  • Used in car remotes
  • Used in calculators
  • Used in scientific instruments
  • Used in watch
  • The CR-2032 is a large coin shaped cell, commonly found in small electronic devices and watches
  • These batteries are also the power source for Motherboards, calculators, keyless entry, games, cameras and personal organizers
  • Output 3V, DC

  • Battery Maxwell 2032 battery is a button cell lithium battery rated at 3.0 volts. It is commonly used as a CMOS battery in computers, calculators, remote controls, scientific instruments, kitchen, office and personal scales, wireless doorbells, garage door remotes, watches and other small devices.Nominal diameter is 20mm, nominal height is 3.2mm. Battery Maxwell 2032 indicates a round cell 19.7-20mm diameter and 2.9-3.2mm height as defined by the IEC standard 60086.

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