HDMI Extender 200M -LTK-DT209

Size: 200 Mtr
MRP: ₹ 9999.00 Price: ₹ 6200.00


  • HDMI Extenders, transmits 200 meters from your HDMI or DVI-D source to HD display by single CAT6/7 cable.
  • Extremely Easy Installation and Operation. You can control STB or Blue-Ray DVD at receiving site by remote control.there are 3 USB port,its a great convenience for long distance controlled by keyboard and mouse.
  • The design of pure hardware, plug and play, no need for additional software. Just connect it correctly, it will show the same high definition signal.
  • It is widely used(such as DVD, PS3, STB) and support full HD up to 1080P. Pure hardware design, plug and play, so you don't need to install additional software
  • Via LAN router or network switcher, it is available to send data from one transmitter to several receivers.

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  • HDMI 200M Extender is based on TCP IP standard. It transmits max 200 meters from your HDMI or DVI-D source to HD display by single CAT6 cable. At the same time, it's also convenient to transmit HDMI audio and video source by point-to-point mode, one point-to-many mode and cascade connection mode.Support IR remote control 38KHz,NEC,long distance controlled by keyboard and mouse Support highest video resolution up to 1080P@60Hz;Transmits HDMI video and audio signals up to 200m over a single CAT6 cable; 150m over single · CAT5E cable; 120m over single CAT5 cable;High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device.

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