• PVC unbreakable and flexible clip Available in 12MM Easy installation - Just use a hammer to nail the cable to the wall and you will get a cleaner look. Also, people can prevent tripping over loose cables. Will not let those disordered cable, the computer line affect your mood HIGH QUALITY Plastic Holds up well, not flimsy and wont snap easily.Acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, ageing resistance, strong bearing capacity WIDELY APPLICABLE These will handle up to 4 to 30 mm cable diameter as their Size. Plastic Holds up well. Greatful for your home, office cable management, no matter its indoor or outdoor. Easily can use in Electrical, Ethernet, Dish Wire, Coax Cable, RG6, RG59, CAT6, RJ45 or any wire / cable which you want to organize in proper manner. Type: Round Cable Clips (nails attached in clips). SIZE: 12MM. QUANTITY: 100PCS. Saves Time. Put the cable under the clip and hammer the nail into the wall to secure the cable. Can install the round cables to the wall or the floorboard for a clean look and prevent tripping over loose cable.

1 review for Cable Clip - 12Mm (Pack Of 100/150Pcs)

JITENDRA KUMAR PRAJAPAT - 22/08/2023 18:52:37

Excellent product in this price.. good to buy

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