HDD Carry Case WD/Seagate -GP-10025

MRP: ₹ 299.00 Price: ₹ 199.00


  • Hard disk case with Pu protection system. HDD case safeguards from drop shock tested up-to 10 feet = 1 floor)
  • Hard disk bag that Can be used without pulling it out from pouch
  • Hard disk cover that is 100% shock resistant
  • Pocket for hdd cable pendrive memory card and other computer gadgets
  • Hard disk Protector pouch bag sleeve. More emphasis is given for protection & live usage ( need not pull it out) Hence the size is little big.This is not a hardcase.

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  • Protect your portable hard Disk drive, store your necessary USB cords, pen-drives and never lose a single byte of your precious data. Compatible with all the 2.5 inch hard disk drives of all major brands including For WD, Seagate, Sony, Transcend, ADATA, Hitachi, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, HP and other 2.5 inch Hard Drive Disk. Your valuable data can be protected, no more worries you can carry it or handle it the way you like it hardisk casing has PU protection system to protect hard disk from damage due to drop or mishandling (tested up-to 10 feet = 1 floor), Interior strap secures portable hard drive in place, Separate storage pocket for hdd cords or cables, pen drive, memory card and other latest gadget accessories protects hard drive from scratches, Use it when hard disk it is still inside the hardisk bag, available in multiple colors to fit Your style. Made little bigger so that you can use the hdd bag while it is inside the pouch cable attached. Designed in such way that connector doesn't get damaged while zipping no need to remove/pull the cable while zip closure from hdd case due to this as over period of time hdd cover connector get worn out. If you are looking for best hardisk case for external hdd or if you looking hdd cover for portable hdd or hardisk casing for 2.5 inch this is the one you should try. Data Safety no.1 hardisk cover or hdd bag fast selling. Design allows case to easily fit Durable, soft interior to protect valuable data from drop shock into any backpack or briefcase. Zippered closure. Can take bump shocks. Have a look at the image after lot of research and development we have add multilayer of with different materials to make it best hdd case

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