Multybyte Cctv Cable 3+1 90Y Gold (Box Pack) -MB-CC01

Size: 90 Yard (Box of 1/ 8Pcs) Buy 8 Pcs & Get 1 Pc Cat-5 100m Cable Bundle FREE
MRP: ₹ 2399.00 Price: ₹ 905.00 (Excl. GST)


  • High durability because of high-quality material.
  • Warranty - N/A
  • CCTV Camera Wire 3+1 Coaxial in Full Copper All in One Wire Includes Power Supply + Video + Audio.
  • Best Quality of Outer PVC For Weather Resistance.
  • Material: PVC; Color: White
  • Cable 3+1 gold-copper CCTV
  • Size- 90 Yard
  • Best for residential, industrial CCTV installation.
  • Hard Copper Video Wire with Breeding Alloy
  • 2 Multi Stand Copper Wires for Power Supply
  • 1 Multi Stand Copper Wire for Audio
  • Easy to use & High Quality
Category: Cables

  • Multybyte CCTV Camera Wire, 100% Pure Copper 3+1 Cable for CCTV Camera. This is the CCTV CABLE with 3+1 GOLD COPPER Size is 90 Yard. Coaxial is made up of solid annealed electrolytic copper conductor and insulated with waterproof & soundproof high-density polyethylene, foiled with aluminum metallic foil.shielded with bare aluminum alloy to reduce the noise while transmission f picture to the minimum, three additional single core with a multistrand copper cross-section area of each core is 0.12 sq. mm for power & other media are there insulated with virgin quality of p.v.c overall virgin DOP based PVC jacket is given to protect the cable. Coaxial cable.100% the solid copper cable includes video, audio, and power cable. For CCTV cameras and other CCTV Surveillance System.

13 review for Multybyte Cctv Cable 3+1 90Y Gold (Box Pack)


3+1 cable for video and audio. High in class. 90 meters Long so u can trim wire as for ur need. and do set up ur mic and camera. For Audio, DVR most supports audio In.

GLOBAL IT PARK INDIA PVT LTD - 25/03/2022 17:32:27

3+1 cable for for video and audio .High in class .90 meter Long so u can trim wire as for ur need .and do set up ur mic and camera . For Audio,DVR most support audio In.

IMRAN AHMED - 04/04/2022 17:48:51

The packing was nice, Product is awesome

AHAMED EJAS - 04/04/2022 18:00:00

Satisfied with the purchase.

MANOJ BAGDIYA - 04/04/2022 18:08:05

Awesome product.

RAJESH RAUSHAN - 05/04/2022 11:31:56

Wow, It’s a nice product. Value for money & india best product.

AMIT VERMA - 06/04/2022 13:55:40

The cable is as specified and was delivered in proper condition and packaging.


Amazing Product... Top Quality

PRAVEEN OJHA - 02/02/2023 11:58:34

Amazing Product... Top Quality

AKASH KAVALE - 21/02/2023 14:55:39

Good product,good seller.i am satisfied.price high.

DS INTERNNATIONAL - 30/03/2023 12:08:41

Superb ----go & purchase it.

AMIT MMANSHANI - 11/05/2023 18:12:33

good quality for money

THURIYAM TECHS - 20/07/2023 18:27:08

I am very satisfied with the quality of the wire. The size was also exactly as ordered. Easy to install.

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