Multybyte Cctv Cable 3+1 90Y Platinum (Box Pack) -MB-CC02

Size: 90 Yard (Box of 1/8 Pcs) Buy 8 Pcs & Get 1 Pc Cat-5 100m Cable Bundle FREE
MRP: ₹ 2999.00 Price: ₹ 998.00 (Excl. GST)


  • High durability because of high quality material.
  • Warranty -N/A
  • CCTV Camera Wire 3+1 Coaxial in Full Copper All in One Wire Includes Power Supply + Video + Audio.
  • Best Quality of Outer PVC For Weather Resistance.
  • Material: Plastic; Color: White
  • 3+1 Full Copper wire for CCTV camera
  • Insulation Material:PVC
  • The wires are made of copper
  • It has good CCTV and Video footage
  • It has 42 gauge
  • Cable Conductor:Copper
Category: Cables

  • Multybyte CCTV Camera Wire, 100% Pure Copper 3+1 Cable for CCTV Camera. Sufficient length, Negligible resistance, tough and tensile, excellent coating, well-insulated, Long lasting. This cable is made up of pure copper materials and hence are very efficient in carrying the current video and Audio from one place to another without any loss in the voltage or current amplitude. This camera cable is available for our clients at a very reasonable and economical range of prices. Applicable scope: For CCTV camera and other CCTV surveillance system wire description: 1 core for video transmission. 2 x DC-in plug wire - 1 x Audio RCA Pin. Color: White. High Performance 3+1 CCTV Cable.

11 review for Multybyte Cctv Cable 3+1 90Y Platinum (Box Pack)


It is a very good wire the video quality is also good and clear. We can use this wire for CCTV

GLOBAL IT PARK INDIA PVT LTD - 25/03/2022 17:33:24

3+1 cable for for video and audio .High in class .90 meter Long so u can trim wire as for ur need .and do set up ur mic and camera . For Audio,DVR most support audio In.

IMRAN AHMED - 04/04/2022 17:47:34

Packing was nice, Product is awesome

AHAMED EJAS - 04/04/2022 18:00:25

The cable is as specified and was delivered in proper condition and packaging.

MANOJ BAGDIYA - 04/04/2022 18:07:42

Awesome product.

RAJESH RAUSHAN - 05/04/2022 11:31:04

Satisfied with the purchase.

AMIT VERMA - 06/04/2022 13:55:04

Satisfied with the purchase.

SHITALA COMPUTERS BHOKAR - 09/10/2022 22:20:23

heavy duty cable worth it

AKASH KAVALE - 21/02/2023 14:57:04

Excellent quality and worked perfectly

ASHOK KH - 06/06/2023 18:33:47

Been searching for this since long. Found It finally at good price. material and wires seem to be durable and of good quality.

ZYCOM ENGINEERS - 24/07/2023 17:56:22

The Packing was nice, Product quality is good

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